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This is a relatively simple HTML document. It is intended to provide some practice in producing a really simple Web Site Home Page

A number of examples of the use of HTML tags have been given below, such as text formatting, paragraph headers, table definition, etc which should prove suffiecient for the purposes of creating a simple one-page Web Site.

If you are a beginner, you may find it interesting to copy the HTML source code for this page (View -> Source), and create your own Web-site HTML page (and have lots of fun !)

A Practice HTML Table with Merged Cells
Average Blue

Some Special Effects for Text

This paragraph shows some special effects: a word in italics and a word in bold.

Note that the header for this paragraph has the HTML tag H2 (or "Header 2"). The H2 tag determines the size and type of font used.

This paragraph demonstrates links. A hypertext link from the word Me! to a document called "C:\Documents and Settings\Neil\My Documents\My Pictures\nkpicsingle3.bmp". This document is yet another photograph of myself.

Formatting Text - Fixed Width Font

Here is a section of text that should display in a fixed-width font when it is formatted:

          Full fathom five 
          Thy father lies
          Of his bones are corals made ...

Creating a List

This is a unordered list of my favorite fruit:

Last Paragraph

This is the end of the example HTML document.

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