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The description above of this site as a "Retirement Site" probably explains adequately its overall purpose. I am Neil Keskar, a 72 year old IT consultant, now retired after 34 years in the IT industry (see my CV). Retirement brings with it some unexpected challenges, not least of which is the lingering desire to remain in touch with the skills and knowledge acquired over a near-lifetime's work as an IT professional. My intention in setting up this website is to find a way of addressing this interesting challenge. I am hopeful that this site will allow me to practice, albeit somewhat as a hobby, the skill and technologies that I have loved and was so familiar with throughout my IT career, - indeed, not only those that I am already familiar with but also others which may have hitherto eluded me perhaps due to pressure of work or possibly even due to my own lack of vigour in exploring the vast array of IT technologies available in the market. Thus this website is a "playpit" not only for the technologies that I am already familiar with such as Unix, Java, Perl, SQL and RDBMS, but also others that I have only arrived at since retiring from full time work, such as HTML, XHTML and PHP. The first such technology that I have chosen to explore is HTML. This has resulted in the page that is pointed to by the link "HTML Examples" in the column opposite (Please follow the "HTML Examples" link opposite). Additionally, my "blog", with some comments on other tools and technologies that I have encountered since retirement, appears in the table below.

Visitors to this site wishing to make a comment on the contents on display, or seeking help on some home computing matter, can contact me on nkeskar@hotmail.com (or use the GuestBook to leave a message). Many thanks


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My thoughts and reflections, for what they are worth, appear in this section from time to time.

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